Renewing Waters offers Colon Hydrotherapy in Orange County, CA

Providing Colonic Therapy in a Safe, Gentle Setting

Renewing Waters of OC offers Colon Hydrotherapy (Colonics, Colonic Irrigation) in Orange County CA by your Colon Specialist Teri Krauss. We also offer Lymphatic Cleanses and a Foot Detox Bath to further enhance and improve your health and well being. Our colonics are provided in safe, gentle setting with FDA-cleared equipment and specially treated water to increase the removal of toxins from your colon. Colon Hydrotherapy generally produces weight loss, increased mood and mental clarity and may benefit allergies, headaches, gas, chronic pain and more.

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Renewing Waters of Orange County colon hydrotherapy room.

The Best Colonics in Orange County

As The Waters Flow They Bring Renewal

Staring with clean, filtered water we gently hydrate and nourish your colon causing a safe, effective release of toxins and waste from your intestines. This detoxification process generally causes weight loss and may benefit allergies, headaches, gas, chronic pain and increase energy and remove brain fog. Most of our clients reported feeling renewed, clean, weightless and invigorated afterwards.

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Benefits Of A Renewing Waters Colonic May Include:

-Increased energy and mental clarity
-Helps the digestions system work effectively
-Promotes a healthy pH balance in the bloodstream
-Hydrates and nourishes your colon
-Increases vitamin absorption in the body
-Supports regularity and prevents constipation
-Reduces the risk of colon cancer
-Promotes positive feelings and supports overall health

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The Renewing Waters Colonics Difference

Comfortable Position

During your colonic you are laying comfortably on your back, legs propped up with a pillow for added peace of mind. This position allows you to further relax allowing for a greater release of all the toxins your body wants to get rid of.

Effective & Safe Equipment

Our machines are routines maintained and use super-filtered water so the only thing entering you is pure, fresh water. What comes out of you, on the other hand, can be years of accumulated waste and toxins.

Renewing Waters Colonic Highlights:


Our colonics are designed with our clients comfort and peace of mind as top priority. Using only brand new, sanitary tubing in the smallest yet effective size that’ll provide minimal discomfort.  Plus you lay on your back during the process for added comfort and convenience.


We use only FDA registered colonic equipment along with the highest standards for sanitation and safety. Extra clean, triple filtered water water with UV purification ensures no toxins go into you and only out. Along with industry leading equipment and strict maintenance schedules for added safety.


From a standard colonic to our coffee colonic, experience one of the most effective ways to detoxify, cleanse and renew your body. Our digestion and intestines have to process everything we consume along with the toxins from processed food, pharmaceuticals, pollutants and more that would ordinarily remain in our colon.