About Teri, Your Colon Hydrotherapist

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Located in the AMA Regenerative Medicine & Skincare building.


1570 Brookhollow Drive
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Monday – Friday: 9a – 5p
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Call or Text: (714) 222-0236

Meet Teri, Your Colon Hydrotherapist

Teri has always been a lifelong advocate for holistic health and nutrition. She began her career working in the Medical industry in Dermatology offices around Orange County.

After surviving breast cancer twice, she found herself much weaker and toxic following her second battle with it. Once she was, again, cancer free this second time her body had took a toll from all the treatments. She was exhausted, sick, experienced brain fog and general aches and pains. After a recommendation from a friend about having a colonic she began to look into it.

Surprised about how much unnecessary waste accumulates in the colon she decided to have her first colonic. Immediately afterward she felt renewed. Her health and mood had improved tremendously and she had more energy than in years. Realizing the power of colonics, she decided to leave the medical field for good and pursue a new career as a colon hydrotherapist.

Teri studied colon hydrotherapy under the some of the best and most respected colon therapists in Orange County and quickly developed her own techniques which minimizes discomfort and encourages a fuller release. Teri’s colonics are known by her loyal clients to be the most comfortable around and her pleasing and calming present make the entire experience one-of-a-kind.