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We all think of the colon of as being inherently dirty, considering it’s main job is the removal of solid waste from of the body. However the colon is an organic organ often processing inorganic waste. Our poor body has to endure the dangers from air pollution, chemicals in our food, toxins, parasites and more.

Consider this, when the King, Elvis Presley passed away in 1977, he had 50 pounds of undigested food in his intestines.

Couple this the fact that up to 80% of Americans are dehydrated, colon included, creates a host of issues from bloating, constipation, skin problems, lack of energy and even the risk of cancer.

Colon Hydrotherapy (aka, Colonic), provided by Renewing Waters of OC is a safe and gentle treatment where fresh, filtered, super clean water is used to clean and detoxify your large intestine. Years of accumulated waste, toxins, old undigested food, parasites and intestinal plaque will wash out right in front of you while simultaneously hydrating your body. Most clients leave feeling pounds lighter with a skip in their step and a clear mind. For best results, start 3 colonics spread over a week or two.